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Here at Learn Lots Software, we love General Conference and Apple.  This App uses the best tools we know of ( iPods, iPhones and iPads ) to give convenient access to the one of the best sources of wisdom we know of ( LDS General Conference ).

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Who Said This in LDS General Conference

The first release of Who Said This in LDS General Conference contains over 430 absolutely beautiful quotes from over 50 speakers in General Conference.  They include at least one important quote from each talk in the October, 2012 conference and specially selected quotes from conferences as far back as 1974. 

Some quotes were selected because they touch the funny bone, most touch the heart and it seems that all illustrate important principles.


You can SEARCH for particularly memorable quotes, bookmark them for easy reference later or be connected to the entire talk on the Church Website at the touch of a button.  

When viewing the talk on the Church Website, you can pinch zoom, rotate to landscape and even print the talk if you  are fortunate enough to have an Apple AirPrint Compatible printer.


You can choose to PONDER each quote in succession using a beautiful book-like format, turning pages by swiping your device left or right. 


You can also PLAY a game with the quotes.  In the game, quotes are presented randomly and four pictures of Church Leaders are offered. See if you can identify the speakers style (or content) or see if you can remember "Who Said it in General Conference".  Statistics are kept for you on your successes. After a game is complete, you may choose to Review the Game quotes to deepen your knowledge.

Have fun learning using familiar Apple touches to fluidly navigate through the App. Be sure to explore how taps and swipes naturally get you where you want to go.

The intent of this App is to:

  1. Help users gain a stronger appreciation and love for General Conference.
  2. Illustrate important principles by quoting general authorities both past and present.
  3. Display interesting or fun ways that general authorities have expressed these principles.
  4. Help users know the general authorities better through pictures and hints about their lives.
  5. Serve as a reminder of key sentences you have heard in general conference but may have forgotten.  
  6. Connect users with the entire talk on LDS.ORG and the general authority who spoke it.
  7. Some have used the App to help prepare talks or lessons.
  8. Have all of this information available “on the go”. 
  9. Have fun in accomplishing these intents by playing a game.

Searching for Specific Quotes  (Shown on the iPhone5)

Sometimes a keyword pops into your mind and you want to find the whole quote or maybe even the whole talk that it pertains to.  That's a snap. In the search bar you can search for a keyword in the quote or search for all quotes by a certain speaker. Touching the button on the top right of the screen narrows the search to only the quotes that you bookmarked.  Once selected from the menu, you can study the quote, bookmark it, or view the entire talk on LDS.org. The menu shown on the iPhone5 is scrollable allowing you to quickly review all of the quotes in the app. 

Each Quote has its own page (Seen here on the New iPad)

When giving talks or lessons, easy access to quotes is a valuable asset. Having them at your fingertips brings you closer to valuable truths. The app can become a powerful tool to remind you of gospel principles that "lift and build" people and testimonies.  Some of the most memorable and significant talks have been quoted here to remind all of us of them and the messages they carry.  Often, a quote was selected for its profound testimony as in the example talk shown here on the left.  Sometimes, a quote was selected because of its clear illustration of a gospel principle. Once in a while the humor of a General Authority is brought out.  In reality, all of the quotes illustrate truths that bear repeating and emphasis in our daily lives. This app makes these goals easy and effortless and the hardware makes it an "absolutely beautiful" experience. 

Pondering Quotes  - Swipe to turn pages in portrait or landscape orientations! (Shown here on the iPad)

Pondering over General Conference quotes is a real joy. Having this joy at your fingertips in such a beautiful format makes it even more enjoyable.  You effortlessly review quotes and the principles taught come through.  Touching near the bottom of the screen causes a pop-up toolbar that will let you bookmark quotes for easy reference later.  That same toolbar has a button that will take you to the entire talk on LDS.org for further study.  This is done seamlessly from inside the app!

Playing the Game (Shown here on the iPod Touch)

Playing the game is fun and challenging.  Also, the more you play, gospel principles are reinforced more deeply.

From the initial screen of the app, selecting  “and Play”, gives a menu with the following options:

“One Minute Game” -- Selecting this choice will challenge you on how many quotes you can get right in one minute.  Your successes are tracked in two ways: 1) the number you got right without hints and 2) the number you got right with hints. See how many you can get right in one minute!

“Ten Quote Game” -- This game presents 10 quotes randomly and tracks your successes like the “One Minute Game”  See if you can get a “perfect game” (get all 10 correct without hints).  Although timing is not as important here, the time for a “perfect game” is recorded. Challenge yourself to get “perfect games” in less and less time!

“Play Unlimited Game” -- You can also be quizzed randomly with every quote presented one after the other in this style of play.  The game is not timed.  Game play continues through every quote in the app.

“Statistics” -- This menu pick lets you review your successes, including a running count of your “percentage correct” for all game styles.  The statistics can be all reset to zero.

After a game is complete, a menu summarizes the action. In that menu, you may choose to "Review the Game" quotes automatically to deepen your knowledge.

The Game Screen (Shown here on the iPod Touch)

As indicated in the image on the right, touching the screen will start the game. In the game, quotes are presented randomly and four pictures of Church Leaders are offered. See if you can identify the speakers style or content or see if you can remember Who Said it in General Conference.  If you guess wrong, you will be given a hint. Guess wrong twice and you will be given the answer.

Simply tapping the pictures with your finger identifies your choice.  When the answer is displayed to confirm your correct guess or display the correct answer, simply tapping the screen again displays the next quote in the game.  This makes gameplay natural  and effortless as you apply your thoughts to the principles being taught!

Have fun experimenting with what Apple has made natural so that you can focus on the things that are important!