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Here at Learn Lots Software, we love Learning and Apple.  This App uses the best tools we know of ( iPods, iPhones and iPads ) to give convenient access to quotes from the most influential figures in History.  This App is NOW on the App Store.

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Who Said This in History

The first release of Who Said This in History contains over 500 notable quotes from over 50 of the world's most prolific and influential figures.  They include many US Presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Ronald Reagan and others. They include philosophers such as Aristotle, Confucius, Gandhi; writers like Mark Twain, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Shakespeare; scientists like Edison and Einstein and even comedians like, Bill Cosby and W.C.Fields and many, many others.

You can have fun while learning important messages.  Some are motivational, practical or historical; and some are just plain funny especially considering WHO SAID IT IN HISTORY.


You can SEARCH for particularly memorable quotes, select FAVORITES for easy reference later or be connected automatically to WIKIPEDIA for more information on the historical figure being quoted at the touch of a button.  

When viewing the WIKIPEDIA pages, you can pinch zoom, rotate to landscape and even print the talk if you  are fortunate enough to have an Apple AirPrint Compatible printer.


You can choose to STUDY each quote in succession using a beautiful book-like format, turning pages by swiping your device left or right. 


You can also PLAY a game with the quotes.  In the game, quotes are presented randomly and four pictures of Historical figures are offered. See if you can identify the speakers style (or content) or see if you can remember "Who Said it in History".  Statistics are kept for you on your successes. After a game is complete, you may choose to Review the Game quotes to deepen your knowledge.

Have fun learning using familiar Apple touches to fluidly navigate through the App. Be sure to explore how taps and swipes naturally get you where you want to go.

Choose to SEARCH, STUDY or PLAY with only quotes in certain categories. You can switch on or off those quotes that are categorized as HUMOROUS, MOTIVATIONAL, PHILOSOPHICAL, POLITICAL, among others.

The intent of this App is to:

  1. Help users gain a stronger appreciation and love for History.
  2. Illustrate important principles by quoting historical personalities both past and present.
  3. Display interesting or fun ways that these famous people have expressed these principles.
  4. Help users know some important historical persons through pictures and hints about their lives.
  5. Serve as a reminder of key phrases you may have heard but may not know where they came from.  
  6. Connect users with the personal profile on WIKIPEDIA to learn more about the person who spoke it.
  7. Have all of this information available “on the go”. 
  8. Have fun in accomplishing these intents by playing a game.