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Here at Learn Lots Software, we love making apps that have some teaching potential for any age.  LDS Temple Match and LDS Temple Match EX draw upon a classic 'match' game style to teach temple names and apostle recognition.   In a future release of "EX" the modern day prophets will be included.  

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LDS Temple Match

A cool match game -- similar to the old TV show: CONCENTRATION.  Match two temples to reveal a part of the underlying picture which is one of the Modern Day Apostles.  Can you guess who it is?  

A sampling of about 50 Temples is included. (For all of the temples, get LDS TEMPLE MATCH EX).

This is a great way for children and adults to get to know the faces and names of the apostles and become familiar with the style,  beauty and names of the LDS Temples around the world.  

There are three levels of play.  EASY: includes 6 doors behind which are three temples to match.  MEDIUM: includes 12 doors behind which are six temples to match. HARD: includes 20 doors behind which are 10 temples to match.

LDS Temple Match EX is the EXtended version of LDS Temple Match.  It includes over 150 Temples. It also includes the tracking of your scores.

The temple images are beautiful and the app is designed to be an attempt to reverence their beauty.

The intent of this App is to:

  1. Help users gain a stronger appreciation and love for Temples and the Apostles.
  2. Show the beauty of each of the temples around the world.
  3. Give children and adults a fun way to accomplish this purposes.
  4. Help users know the apostles better through pictures. 
  5. Have all of this available “on the go”. 
  6. Have fun in accomplishing these intents by playing a game.

MEDIUM - 12 Doors (Shown on the iPhone5)

Getting a match will reveal two pieces of an image behind the doors.  That image is one of the living apostles.  You can guess who it is at any time or wait for more to be revealed.  You can wait until the entire image is shown or not even guess at all, just continue playing the Temple Match Game.

HARD - 20 Doors (Seen here on the iPhone4S)

Most challenging.  Some temples look similar and the smaller images behind smaller doors make this level of the game mods challenging.  It can be done.  LDS Temple Match EX keeps track of the number of tries it takes to completely solve the board for each level of difficulty so that you can track your own progress.

Get to Know the Classic Temples and the Newer Ones that are Destined to be Classics

Here is the Manti Temple.